LASIK: Getting Through The Aftermath

The 20 or 30 minutes it normally takes for a LASIK surgery may feel like a couple of hours for the patient who just went through the procedure. LASIK eliminates the need for corrective apparatuses and can help restore eyesight to near or normal levels. However, the first 24 hours after the surgery are critical to the overall success of the procedure, hence requiring effective measures to get you on the path of a speedy recovery.

First, take a couple of days off from work or school, or if the need arises, the rest of the week. When its time to take a bath, make the effort to just use the bathtub and do not even shampoo your hair to prevent irritating the eyes. Showers are out of the question as well. If you have avoided using any facial products in days leading up to the surgery, extend that abstinence a few days more. At the same time, take a break off any outdoor activities.

Visit your doctor the day after the operation to check on your progress, with a companion if necessary. Always don eye protection whenever you are out and about, plus avoid dusty areas to prevent irritation. You should also will yourself to not rub your eyes no matter what happens.

A LASIK operation may be the start of better things for you. It is now up to you to make them happen.


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