Why LASIK Surgery is a Good Long-Term Investment

Whether it is due to age, a hereditary disposition, or other circumstances, a person’s eyes can sometimes be compromised, affecting his vision. In the past, the common solution was using corrective or permanent glasses or using prescription contact lenses.

Fortunately, LASIK surgery has become available to people who nearsighted or farsighted, or are suffering from astigmatism. While not a new procedure, people still assume that LASIK surgery is very expensive. While not cheap either, the upfront investment for the procedure does pay off in the succeeding years, as the patient will experience the benefits of the surgery for years to come. These include:

  • The elimination of the long term costs of corrective eyewear. Thanks to the effectiveness of LASIK surgery, individuals who used to wear corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses no longer need to invest in glasses, disposable lenses, and cleaning and eye solutions.

  • Because there’s no need for corrective eyewear, there’s also no need to go through the inconvenience of wearing glasses and alternatively applying contact lenses when one wants to read, watch TV, play sports, or do just about any activity apart from sleeping.

  • LASIK surgery is a quick, non-invasive process, one that commonly generates very minimal pain. Vision is often immediately better a few weeks after the procedure, with minimal recovery time needed, and with no need to use bandages or stitches.


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