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Are You Eligible for LASIK Surgery?

Your eyes’ natural lens used to change shape effortlessly when you were younger, allowing you to have optimum focus on objects. Consequently though, as you grew older, you may have to use reading glasses or other visual aids since your lens’ ability to adjust their shape has decreased. To correct your vision, a specially trained eye surgeon can fine-tune your eyes through LASIK surgery, but is this right for you?

Your job allows refractive surgery.
Always ask your employer or organization if they allow such a procedure. Some jobs, like pilots and military servicemen, restrict this kind of treatment

You only had minor changes in your vision for the past year.
Minor changes in eyesight is common. However, when your prescription undergoes extreme changes each year, you may be unsuitable for the surgery.

You don’t have chronic medical conditions.
Having medical conditions like autoimmune diseases (lupus), immunodeficiency states (HIV), and diabetes can prevent proper healing after the LASIK surgery. In most cases, consuming medications like steroids can also hinder a full recovery.

You don’t participate in contact sports.
Contact sports like boxing, martial arts, and wrestling increase the possibility of LASIK flap dislocation if there is significant trauma to the eye. Thus, if you engage in any of these aforementioned sports, you may not be an ideal candidate for LASIK surgery.