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No Spots: Learning About the Types of Glaucoma

Glaucoma has been tagged as one of the leading triggers of blindness in the United States. Some experts even advocate the use of marijuana to combat this condition. It is also a long-term danger that leads to permanent vision loss if not detected and treated at the early stages. It is important to know that there are several types of glaucoma that your eye practitioner is capable of addressing.

The most common type of glaucoma is the primary-open-angle glaucoma (POAG). In POAG, the eye has increased pressure exerted on it because blockages of aqueous fluid appear at some point in the eye’s drainage canal. Angle closure glaucoma occurs when the fluid canals are narrow or have fully sealed up. Nausea, blurred vision, and headaches are common symptoms for this type of glaucoma.

You can be diagnosed with normal-tension glaucoma (NTG) if tests show damage to the optic nerve even when the pressure on the canals are relatively low. Risk factors for NTG include hereditary conditions and even Japanese ancestry. Glaucoma can be also be secondary effects of other ailments such as diabetes and cataracts.

Glaucoma is often labelled as the “thief of vision” because you lose it over a long period of time. It is not the end, as early diagnosis and prevention will stop further damage.